Radio Playtime episode 2 - Profanity

May 1, 2010

On this historic day - the very first time that the Anti-Social Review has published a second episode - the occasion is marred by the obscene language and content in this so-called "comedy show". What is the world coming to when such filth is allowed to defile the INTERNET of all places? There should be a law against this kind of thing, and if there already is a law, then there should be a second one. Back in my day we would stone people to death in the village square if they spoke this kind of obscene language - though admittedly many of the words had not been invented then. We also stoned people for growing to different types of crops in the same field, of course, or if they were weird. Why can't we return to those simpler values and brutally murder people who say things that we don't like or don't understand?

Yours Sincerely, Agnes Pigfacemole


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