Radio Playtime episode 3 - Karl’s Vanity Exercise

May 15, 2010

The third episode of Radio Playtime attempts to solve the complex mystery that is Karl Kuepper. In this quest we are treated to an insight into the mind and life of this fascinating individual, and perhaps we will learn something about ourselves in the process. All of the fawning, adoring fan mail that will no doubt flood Karl's inbox after this episode goes to air can be sent to the usual address listed in the "Contact us!" section of the site (he won't give out his personal address, naturally, as celebrity stalkers are all too real a problem, the gravity of which the common people simply do not appreciate). Please remember that Karl may not have time to personally respond to all your fan mail, as if he did so he simply wouldn't have time to make the show. The other guy should be able to get to it, however... what's his name? Matt? Mike? Mark, or something?


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