Radio Playtime episode 5 - And Now for a Word from Our Sponsors

May 29, 2010

With the release of episode 5 of Radio Playtime "And Now for a Word from Our Sponsors" there's never been a better time to subscribe to the Anti-Social Review! Due to a shipping error, we're overstocked on episodes and must clear them all this week. Every download must go! Radio Playtime - out the door! The Anti-Social Encyclopaedia - out the door! The front yard of my house - out the door! And for a limited time only, when you download episode 5 of Radio Playtime, you will get all the previous episodes absolutely free! Don't miss out on this amazing bargain, as the ASR has never been any cheaper! Or any more expensive, or cost anything at all, for that matter. Hurry, as this offer can and will last!


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