The Anti-Social Encyclopaedia Presents: World War II

June 12, 2010

The Anti-Social Encyclopaedia explores the topic of World War II, Judgement Day: An action packed thrill ride in which Schwarzenegger's definitive Terminator character this time fights for the future of humanity alongside John Conner and his mother Sarah, against a deadly liquid metal terminator sent from the future. Sorry about that. This podcast actually explores the subject of history's greatest conflict, and I'm not talking about that whole ninjas vs. pirates thing. Once again we explore a topic of great historical significance with an eye to rooting out the truth. Or perhaps simply rooting the truth. Regardless, this remarkable podcast will have you riveted to your mp3-playing device and will also make you smarter by at least 10 IQ points (at least, by comparison to us).

P.S. This is the end of our first season, but don't despair, as we're preparing season 2 right now, and in the mean time we're going to keep going with World Cup coverage and other sketch content.


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